We provide a wide range of interpreting modes in all settings.

• Conference Interpretation (Simultaneous and Consecutive)

• Liaison Interpretation

In addition, we can select and dispatch interpreters for i.e. business negotiation, tele-conference, IR meeting, IR road show, seminar, trade fair, interview, focus group, assistance for visitors, assistance in hospital visits, and shopping trips, etc.

SC Dreamline uses the following criteria to select our interpreters:

• Minimum of 4 years experience as a consecutive and/or simultaneous interpreter.

• Native level fluency in the corresponding language combination.

• Strong background in the subject matter of the assignment, acquired either by education or by practice.

• Adherence to confidentiality practices and interpreters’ code of ethics.

• Certification/Accreditation, as appropriate.

Interpreters will render, in a consecutive or simultaneous manner, in one language what the speaker is saying in the other language, accurately, distinctly, using appropriate terminology, and respecting culturally and politically sensitive issues.

We actively seek and analyze feedback upon completion of projects in order to confirm levels of customer satisfaction and continually raise our standards.