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We Ensure Quality

Our team gathers documentation experts, including translators, proofreaders, editors, coordinators to produce extremely high quality and accurate materials. With our translation process, we can ensure the accuracy and reliability of every single project.

– Form translation team: Receiving materials from clients and requirement, appropriate translators then will be assigned.

– Initial translating: Translator(s) translate the material. Glossary and references are provided.

– Proofreading and editing: After initial translation, the documents are proofread and edited by a specialized language editor.

– Handing over: The approved translation will be formatted to meet a set of visual guidelines.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will the translation take to be completed?

Document completion time is calculated based on job requirements, language pair and translation field.

Please contact us to get a detailed answer:

How will the confidentiality and any information contained in the translation documents be kept?

SC Dreamline is committed to keeping all customer documents absolutely confidential.

In order to ensure the confidentiality as promised to the customer in the contract and in the Commitment to Confidentiality of Translation Documents, we always require our employees and collaborators to comply with: (1) Do not disclose any content in the translation documents with any organization/individual; (2) Delete all content of the original document and the translation after handing over the translation.

You are completely assured when cooperating with SC Dreamline.

How much does the translation/interpretation service cost?

Translation/interpretation costs are calculated based on job requirements, time frames, language pair, and translation field.

Please contact us for a detailed quote: